eCAPA 2022

The 4th Art show of intellectually challenged young adults was organised in New Delhi from 14 October to 16th October. The preview of the show was held on 13th October .

The exhibition eCAPA2022 saw some incredible work by the often unseen and unheard minority of our society. Creating art straight from the heart, the art exhibition showcased 47 neurodiverse artists through their 85 pieces of art. These were drawings, paintings, photographs, digital art and short films. All artworks were selected by Bose Krishnamachari, founder of the Kochi biennale foundation, supported by Ms. Priti Vaddakath, a renowned artist.

We were once again hosted by vis-a-vis / STIR Gallery, New Delhi.

By the end of the exhibition, almost 70% of the artworks were sold within India and abroad.

eCAPA 2021

We have put together the 3 rd edition of our signature, annual art exhibition, eCAPA 2021, from November 1 st 2021. This year, we bring to you a sharper selection of 107 artworks from over 40 neuro diverse artists from across India. Each art piece is selected after a long process of deliberation and thought by Mr. Bose Krishnamachari. We are always in deep gratitude for his support each year.

This year the exhibition will be displayed on our website as well as on an international, virtual art gallery – Exhibbit.com.

This year, we have decided to forego the commercial section of our website. If you are interested in buying or commissioning any of these artists or artworks, kindly reach us on the email (Theartsanctuary19@gmail.com) or whatsapp mobile number (+91 6364-257775) given on the website.

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