About Us

The Art Sanctuary is a charitable trust set up in 2019 by trustees from varied fields such as design, music and the corporate world. In The Art Sanctuary (TAS), we

  • Create platforms to celebrate and exhibit the artistic talents in young adults with intellectual challenges.
  • Curate their art such as drawings, paintings, photography, short films, sculpture, clay work and jewelry for Art Shows.
  • Encourage performing arts like dance, music, modelling, and theatre through well-choreographed shows.
  • Offer their Art for Sale and the proceeds go to the artists
  • Provide training and skill building in various art forms, exclusively designed for the needs of young adults with intellectual challenges to build livelihood skills.
  • Provide certified courses from reputed institutions and artists to facilitate society’s increased acceptance of the youngsters.

Aditya loves singing and painting and has an artistic bend of mind. He has graduated in Rabindra Sangeet and has also completed his junior diploma in painting.

Aditya Roy, Artist

Akshay is interested in different art forms as drawing, painting, graphic designing, photography, music, singing and dancing. He also enjoys sports like swimming, skating, badminton, lawn tennis and atheletics.

Akshay Mathur, Artist

Ammogh is a nonverbal person with Autism with smattering of sentences. He loves food, music travelling and ofcourse, communicating with colors.

Ammogh Wagh, Artist

Amrit is a young artist on the autism spectrum. Identifying with her skill, she always introduces herself as ‘ My name is Artist Amrit Khurana’. Step into her world and see it with her eyes. You will see the difference.

Amrit Khurana, Artist

Megha is a cheerful teenager, who loves dogs, cats and all four leggeds. She loves the beach and the pool. Not surprising that when it comes to Art, she enjoys fluid medium the most. She has a bold, minimalist style.

Megha Chinnapa, Artist

Gayatri is a multi talented young lady who loves photography, painting, cooking, traveling and meeting people. But above all she is a compassionate and loving human being.

Gayatri Gupta, Artist

Skill Building Workshops

The Art Sanctuary provides training in the arts space, to individuals with intellectual challenges. By upgrading their skills we empower these young adults to make a space for themselves in the elite world of art. TAS signs up mentors with immense passion and patience to teach our wards the varied forms of creative art.

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The Art Sanctuary’s exhibitions help participating artists in feeling “celebrated” and acknowledged for their passion and talent! May the rest of the art world take note.

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