Black and White


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I see white in the black and the black in the white.

Size: 27.5″ x 19.5″

Medium: 300 GSM paper, Rotring Pens & Rotring Inks

Out of stock


About The Artist

Pranav Nair

Pranav is young man on the autism spectrum whose works all fall into the realm of modern abstract. His nature is brightness itself. He doesn’t plumb into depths of despair. He loves being social and making friends. He needs his world perfectly ordered. Without routine and order, he is unable to cope. This is why he derives joy from creating intricate works which have myriad geometric shapes within. The see-sawing of emotions which is controlled within a strongly structured environment is revealed in this meticulously executed artwork which has been submitted by him. His works have been exhibited in Bangalore, Kochi and Paris.


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